Headband Rating Process

We rate all headbands reviewed on Best Headbands based on 5 criteria. These 5 standards are style, purpose, durability, comfort and weight. We believe these 5 things are the most important thing to headbands users. We do take into account other features of the headband as well, like special technology built into the material / headband.


Style is numero uno because you are not going to put something on your head if it does not look good. There are various types of material that headbands are made out of. These also play into the overall style on what you are going for.


The purpose of your head-wear is important because what works best for a tennis player might not be good on a basketball court. While one person is wearing to look good another might be wanting a headband to stop their annoying sweat. We take this all into account when reviewing headbands.


Will it hold up in the sun or multiple washes? We test so you do not have to. If a headband is not durable than it is technically not usable in our opinion. No one wants something that is falling apart on their head!


Since you will be wearing the band on your head all day or during strenuous activities, it’s pretty darn important that it meets a certain level of comfort. Materials like cotton, nylon, micro-modal, spandex, and even alpaca wool all have a different feel. We primarily answer the question – will the headband meet your comfort level for it’s intended use?


How much does the headband weigh? It is a seemingly small question that seems of little importance. The truth is, it is very important. Some materials are heavier than others when soaking up sweat. Some headbands have annoying weight add-ons to them. Read our guides so you only get the best headbands.

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