Best Headbands in 2021

We sorted through the mess that is the internet to find the best headbands.

Have you ever spent hours sorting through Amazon reviews trying to figure out which headband is the best?

Ever not even believe the reviews you are reading? (because you literally can’t these days).

These days everyone is gaming Amazon’s review system. When you get your so-called “5-star” headband, you do not know what to expect.

That is why we started this site. For buyers like you who are buying headbands for basketball, tennis, yoga, football, and style. Or maybe just trying to find something comfy to keep your hair back.

You deserve to have accurate headwear information. So let us pick apart the material and thread.

We put all those Amazon brands to the test while playing sports, at the gym, or during a yoga class, washed them multiple times, and below are what remained the best headbands.

We keep the list fresh and updated for you. Any change in quality from the brands below will be called out and scrutinized.

Highest Rated Overall


Suddora’s colorful styles and absorbancy is just perfect, but we also like them for their comfort and durability. If you want to maintain the perfect vision and hand-eye coordination, these bands are the one to buy. No matter how much you sweat, Suddora headbands are the best in the sweat-wicking department. They last all day long. This is surprising since they currently don’t have any fancy material names like “dri fit”.

Classic Headband & New Style

The good thing about this brand it is constantly coming out with new styles and headwear types for different sports and purposes. They recently released their tapered and tie headbands, which can be worn in multiple ways with basically any outfit. Your money is best spend with Suddora.

What to Know About Suddora

  • Consistently high customer service ratings across major retailers online.
  • Contact them by email
  • Specialize in headbands and sweatbands – they even offer custom!
  • Also, widely recognized as one of the best brands for specialty football accessories like hand warmers and towels.
  • They offer child size as well.


Nike is the unbeaten champion of sports apparels and we can’t get enough of its headband collection. The best thing about them is that they manufacture keeping all age groups in mind.

Whether you are a teenager or older, Nike has something for everyone. Even in terms of stretchability, comfort, and sweat-wicking capacity, these bands score a decent rank.

We won’t say that headbands are Nike’s best collection; still, they are dependable on the field. They are know for their DRI-Fit technology, which is not actually a specific material but just a category of Nike products.

What to Know About Nike

  • Needs no introduction into the world of sports – this brand is world-renowned and worn by the greatest athletes.
  • Sometimes their products are hard to get – you may see an athlete wearing a product but that product might not be on the market yet – or it’s custom made.
  • Headbands are not their main product line – obviously. Because of this, they will rush headwear, and this affects quality.
  • On their website, they offer the widest stock of headbands – but have limited colors.
  • They do not offer children sizes.

Under Armour

Under Armour is selling almost everything you need as an athlete. They offer a plenty of products, including compression wear, apparel, headbands, and now even shoes!

What makes them better than the others on the list is their sizing game. Anyone can find their perfect headband fit with UA. Throw it on and it fits! Under Armor is even the manufacturer of one of the thinnest headband available in the market.  Someone who wants to control their locks without much show-off should go for this top headwear brand.

What to Know About UA

  • Started in compression wear and then expanded into other categories.
  • Have a special fabric “HeatGear” that enhances the quality of their headbands.
  • All of their headbands seem to be very breathable, which is surprising since they are comprised mostly of polyester which is not as breathable as cotton.

Highest Rated for Women

1. ASICS Women’s Illusion Headband

Whether you are feeling lazy or don’t have enough time to do the hair, headbands are the best solutions. A fashion ensemble for many, headbands is also the utility accessory that makes gaming and workout easier. Here we have a quick list of top 5 headbands that are stylish as well as efficient. Have a look:

Embrace the trend with the rainbow headband that suits all hair colors. This ASICS sweat-wicking headband comes with the highest quality of fabric that can be worn without hurting your head. Its versatile design will work both as indoor and outdoor wear.

ASICS has maintained the durability of the product, giving you the freedom to hand wash these bands frequently. Even after fifty washes, the band will neither lose its fit nor color. Going for running or jogging, the headband will stay on your head without slipping down. Order it now and you will receive the product in a pack of two.

2.  Victoria’s Secret Sport Headband

Made from 85% Nylon/15% Spandex, Victoria’s Secret Sport Headband is one of the best headbands you can buy. The feminine detailing makes it perfect for all sorts of sports attire. Its seamless construction reduces irritation and Silicone gripper offers a secure fit.

2 inches wide, this headband is available in 8 different colors with reflective detailing for visibility. It’s an asset in any closet, so do not think twice before ordering this beautiful and highly functional headband.

3. Nike Women’s Swoosh Sport Headbands

Want a headband to match every outfit? Go for the Nike Women’s Swoosh Sports headbands. This Polyester headband is available in black, white, red, blue, green, and pink colors. We can’t say that it’s the best headband for sweat absorption, but it has a good fit and design. The black and white Jacquard Swoosh logo on the headband is a work of art. You can order it in a set of black and white or pick the multicolor option.

4. Under Armour Sport Headbands

Beautiful and simple, this headband is the perfect selection for understated glamour. Under Armour, sports headband is manufactured with 45% Nylon, 35% Polyester, and 20% Elastodiene fabric. Soft and stretchy these mini elastic headbands come with a front & center UA logos.

Even though it’s a thin piece, the gripping silicone strips will keep it secure on your head. The product will reach you in a pack of 6. Not just this one, UnderArmour has a wide collection of sports headbands to meet the varying requirement of customers.

5. Lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband 2.0

For those who are trying to wear a sporty look, the Luluemon Fly Away Tamer Headband is a pretty decent choice. While its subtle color is something anyone will love. Designed for running and training, this lightweight headband also has an excellent sweat-wicking capacity and quick drying.

The added Lycra fibre offers a four way stretch and shape retention. Whereas the velvet on the inside will refrain it from pulling your hairs. You can either put the skinny size on the top or the wide section, both will look good. To make it last long, machine wash it and tumble dry low.


BLOM comes with a limited option, but its versatility is higher than any headband out there. They are known for their turban band collection, which can be styled in 14 different ways. We enjoyed the luxe fabric that makes it head-friendly and comfortable. You will notice a small brass logo on it, which you can show off.

Bottom Line

The perfect headband for women has to be the perfect amalagam of style and efficiency. So, when you go on a headband hunt, give priority to your personal style and comfort.

Highest Rated for Men

Even though it’s the last thing anyone will want, we all have been there with the sweat dripping down our faces. And, we guys sweat way more than women. Whether while taking the stairs, running a marathon, or gaming, sweating is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the menace. Yes, get a nice headband and it can put your bangs in place along with keeping the sweat at bay.

The list here is of the 5 best headbands we found for men. However, these are these best athletic choices and not meant for construction workers.

1. Under Armour men’s performance headband

UA’s sports accessories are one of the most sought after products in the market. This performance headband is well-known for its headgear technology that keeps your forehead and neck dry and cool by wicking off the sweat. Made up of 96% Polyester and 4% Elston, it offers maximum comfort and flexibility.

The multi-channel fibers will wick away all the sweat without making the fabric soggy. Available in 6 bright colors, these headbands have a pretty UA logo embroidered on it. UA also gives you an option to customize your logo and numbers according to your preference.

2. French Fitness Revolution Headband

French Fitness Revolution headbands are famous for its CoolMax fabric. Those who want that ultimate sporty touch in their look, French Fitness headband is a perfect choice. Its premium hi-tech polyester fiber takes the moisture away, keeping your forehead and neck cool and dry. On the other hand, the fabric structure will maintain body warmth during cold days.

Even after long hours of usage, you will not feel any sign of discomfort and irritation. For frequent usage, the headband is easy to wash without losing elasticity and color.

3. Adidas Interval Slim Headband

The Adidas Interval is a reversible design allowing you to match two types of attires with one accessory.  Manufactured with 75% cotton, 20% Polyester, and 5% rubber, the headband absorbs almost every bit of sweat. It’s not even too thick, so you don’t have to worry about a headache or any other sort of discomfort. The ¾ inches headband with embroidered logo on it will neither shrink nor fade after washing. All over, the good air permeability and fabric stability make it one of the best headbands for you.

4. BUFF Headband

One of the other names in the list of top headbands for men is the buff headband. Known for their awesome style statements, extra wide width, and UV protection, buff headbands can be your perfect companion for workouts and walking sessions.

Its 360 degree reflective design is the right solution for outdoor action from dawn to dusk. The material here is soft and comfortable to avoid any sort of headaches and discomfort. You are also looking at a moisture-wicking and anti-odor fabric that even dries quickly.  Plus, the 4 way ultra-stretch fabric is suitable for all the head sizes. So, go for it without any second thoughts.

5.    Nike Swoosh Headband

From customer reviews, Nike headbands are one of the most reliable options available in the market. On Amazon, the product has received 4 out of 5 stars. With an excellent fabric composition, the headband proves to be a good fit and comfortable on most of the heads. People with too big of a head might feel it a little uncomfortable, else it’s a fine choice.

The Nike Swoosh headband is one of the best in terms of sweat absorption too. And, it’s also super light-weight. All over, it’s a pretty decent choice for daily use. To make it last long hand wash it and tumble dry.

Bottom Line

Whether you have bangs, or just some pesky strands, its best to tie them back with these sports headbands. Men sweat a lot more than women, so you must get a headband with excellent sweat wicking capacity. A broad headband will work the best for most of you.

Best Sports Headbands

Anyone who is into long runs, gymming, and cycling would be knowing the disadvantage of sweaty bangs. It not only creates the most distractive situation but is also unhygienic. Fortunately, we have sports headbands to take care of both the hairs as well as sweat. Sports headbands are a blessing for everyone, from cyclists to runners, to high-end athletes.

We took our time to test and try some of the sports headbands available in the market, and here is the tops 5 list. Have a look:

1. Buff UV Running Headband

Buff UV Running Headband is specially meant for sports activities. Whether you are into running or yoga, Buff UV headbands can be your ultimate companion. These sports headbands will manage your hair and sweat with its COOLMAX PRO quick dry fabric. Along with blocking UV rays, it wicks away the unnecessary moisture, keeping you cool all the time.

 Buff has also introduced Polygeine treatment with bonded seams to reduce any sort of bad odor and irritation. So, even if you have a sensitive skin, this headband will not cause any issue. Just make sure to wash it after every use. 

2. Halo Headband Sweatband

Another fantastic headband on our list is the CAMO GREY Halo Headband Sweatband. If you are comfortable with the traditional tie-on headband, this is a perfect choice. You can conveniently tie it back to manage the tightness on the head.

The patented seal channels in it will block the sweat, keep you dry most of the times. Even the fabric dries quite fast, so you don’t have to worry about soggy fabrics. We love its color as it will work with most of your outfits. Plus, it will neither fade nor stretch out, even after several washes.

3. Bondi Bond Moisture Wicking Headband

The Bondi Band Moisture Wicking Headband is one of the must-have athlete accessories. You will find it sticking to its No Slip No drip policy. Wear it ant it stays in its places without slipping and any sign of sweat. Its moisture-wicking fabric will keep your head moisture free and hairs in place. The headband dries faster and will not even fade or stretch after multiple washes. Comfortable under helmets and hats, this headband will work for construction workers, athletes, as well as routine joggers.

4. Nike Swoosh Headbands

If your taste in fashion is classic, then a forever choice is Nike Swoosh. It’s one of the most absorbent headbands you will find in the market. The Soft Dri-fit material wicks away every drop of sweat from your neck and head. Unlike the normal headbands, here you will get a multi-layer solution that is reversible also. Although you will not get any color option here, the comfort is unrivaled.

5. Suddora Headbands

The Suddora headbands are an evergreen choice for athletes. Made up of cotton, spandex, and nylon material, the headband gives you a warm and soft feeling. Even when you are into extreme games, there won’t be any case of sweat rolling down to your cheeks. You can hand wash these headbands and hang them to dry without the tension of it stretching down. What we like the best about this headband are its 14 exciting colors.

Bottom Line

Headbands can be your ultimate way to fight sweat and messy bangs on the field. Just make sure you pick the right one. While picking a headband, make sure you consider its fit, sweat wicking capacity, and comfort. If you are struggling to find the right fit for yourself, we will recommend picking a one-size fit-all headband.

Top Rated for Football

If you have ever played football, you might know how important it is to accessorize the right way. Right gear will not just avoid unnecessary distractions, but will also take you a step towards your goal. As we are all about headbands, let’s talk about it only. A headband plays the most important role in keeping your hairs in place. It’s also one of those accessories that you can’t get enough of. Fortunately, there are myriads of colors and styles available. Have a look:

1. Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

The Hallo II Headband stops sweat from getting in your eyes and hairs. Its traditional design with excellent moisture-wicking technology is one of the best available in the market. At the bottom of the headband, there is a small sweat control band which will direct the sweat away from the eyes and towards the back of the head. Unlike the other headbands, it will not fade or stretch even after months of usage. The built-in grip technology is a nice one here, keeping the band in place without squeezing it too much.

2. Self Pro Performance

A very light option among football headbands is the Self Pro Performance headband. Lightweight and comfortable, this headband works for both for men and women. However, women with thin head-size might consider it looser. You will find the material to be super absorbent and sewn to form a loop at the back. Fold it the way you want to adjust the thickness and shape or slide it a little below to avoid sun rays falling directly on the eyes. It can also be worn under hats, caps, and helmets too.

3. French Fitness Revolution

Wider than most of the headbands, the French Fitness Revolution headband is an incredibly absorbent solution for football and soccer players. This reversible headband with dual layer fabric protection will help remove sweat from eyes and face. Lightweight and comfortable, it will keep your head cooler even during the hottest days of the season. There are no color constraints also, as you get to choose from 8 different color options.

4. BLOM Multi-Style Headband

When it comes to finding the right headband, there are a lot of styles to choose from. But, what if we tell you that there is one such headband that serves all your styling needs? We are talking about the BLOM Original Style Headband for women. This Multi-Style Headband gives you an array of option to try. You can reposition and reshape it in 14 different ways. Plus, it will draw the sweat away from your skin, making sure your forehead is dry. So, whether you are playing football or just on a day trip, it’s an apt choice.

Top rated for Running

One of the biggest obstacles in a runner’s way is the sweaty hair dripping down the face. While it doesn’t not seem such big a problem in the beginning until someday it blurs your vision for a sec. Some might curb the issue with a French plait, but what about the sweat? To solve the problem, we have created a quick list of the best running headband.

1. Innov 7 All Terrain Headband

Don’t let cold get in your way of running. The Innov 7 All Terrain Headband is designed to accompany on the coldest days of the season. Its fabric keeps the sweat away from the forehead and eyes. Whereas the tapered headband is meant for keeping it firmly yet comfortably on the head. Even after running a marathon you won’t find it creating discomfort on your head.

2. Adidas Tennis Headband

Adidas knows its customers very well and so as their requirements. Made from thin stretchy material, it appears to be the thinnest headband available in the market. You won’t feel anything on the head and yet it performs all its function nicely. Its silicone, non-slip grip will keep your hair away from the face. We can’t say much about the sweat wicking as it’s too thin for that, but still by keeping the hair away it does half of the job.

3. Buff 6 Headband

Buff cares for its consumers a little more than most of the brands. Keeping the weather in mind, it has released two different ranges if this headband. One that is suitable for summers and other with fleece technology that keeps you warm during winters. Made up of a wide stretch of sweat wicking fabric, it is also one of the most sweat absorbent headband you will find in the market. Wash it multiple times and it will preserve its grace and stretchability like a pro.

4. Under Armor Graphic Headband

Now an exclusive option for the fashionistas who are planning to run a marathon. A sassy release by UA was its purple printed headband. Made with jersey mesh fabric it delivers both strechability and breathability to the material. It’s a reversible piece, so you can flaunt it two ways. We also liked the high- shine logo on it. All over it’s a decent price with wit sweat absorption capacity and durability.

Bottom Line

Want to run like a pro, do not forget to wear your headbands on the way. It takes just seconds to wear these tiny accessories, but the impact will be noticeable.

Top rated for Soccer

Soccer is one of the prime causes of sports-related concussion. There are frequent chances of the head to head or head to another body part collision in this game. Therefore most sport accessory manufacturers are inventing designs to prevent soccer players from sustaining a concussion. Here, we have mentioned the best soccer headwear on the list:

1.Full 90 Sports Performance Soccer Headband

Get Advanced Head protection with Full 90 Sports Performance Soccer Headband. The design is the latest advancements in performance protection technology. You get an X-band design with interchangeable occipital back padding. Along with maintaining a low profile, the advanced Truefit System provides expanded coverages. To accelerate the moisture-wicking capacity, the Forcebloc foam is underlined with Cool Max fabric. 

2. Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear

If you can’t tolerate headgears on your skull, the Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear is a nice alternative. 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex, the headband won’t affect the rebound control, so your game won’t be hampered. The smooth and sleek design with 360-degree protection is high-tech comfort. The fabric will wick away all the sweat from the face, whereas the antimicrobial layer will prevent funky odors. Some say that it becomes a little stiff during the winter, but that’s a good thing for many as it keeps them warm. 

3. Storelli ExoShield Head Guard

Storelli ExoSheild is more of a headgear that looks like a headband. Armored with 9 mm of combat grade Team Wendy Zorbium foam which is used in U. S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps helmets. Along with wicking sweat from the skin, it also protects your head from balls and unexpected falls. If you are using this headband, the g-force to the head is reduced by 50%. Don’t assume that just because it’s thick, it will be also heavy. Wear it comfortably to accommodate both short and long hair as well as ponytails.

4. 2nd Skull Headband

The 2nd skull headband is designed to protect your head from impact and prevent injuries in games like soccer, basketball, and volleyball. It is designed with 4-millimeter spandex fabric that will protect your head against any sort of injury. However, the thickness of the band doesn’t affect comfort and fit. Even the moisture-wicking capacity of this headband is quite excellent. Wear it and it will pull the sweat away from the skin keeping you cool in the hottest weather. There is an antimicrobial layer on this headband too, which will keep any sort of odor or irritation at bay. Its special design will give space to your ponytail also.

Top rated for Tennis

Inspired by the likes of Andre Agassi and John McEnroe? Well anyone who is into tennis can’t resist their charm on the field. Even though tennis is a game of enormous strength and stamina, these players make it look so simple in the court. One thing that’s common among all these star players is they choose their accessories 0 diligently. As our post is all about headbands, we are going to discuss tennis headbands that will be an aid to your performance.

1. Adidas interval Slim Headband

Want to perform effortlessly on the tennis court, let Adidas interval slim headband help you with the job. Expressively designed, this 3/4 inch headband with no-slip technology will stay put for hours. Till now there hasn’t been any complaint about he’d aches, skin irritation, and any other sort of discomfort. A very low profile Terry cloth has been used in it, so you are not going to get the 80s vibe. The Adidas logo will stay undeterred even after multiple washes. Ideal for petite head, it’s an accessory worth investing in.

2. Under Armour Women Mini Headbands

UA mini headbands are sleek and vibrant options for those who have small bangs. Merely 3/8 inch think it’s a jewel that silently does its job. Wear it and you will hardly feel anything on the head. It’s embedded with a silicone band to ensure a no-slip fit. Perfect for keeping fly away out of your eyes, these headbands are sold in the pack of 6. With such subtle color options

3. Nike Fury Headbands

Channel your inner beast with the Nike Fury Headband. The company’s Dri-Fit fabric wicks away every drop of the sweat. It will also dry fast enough to prevent any sort of sogginess in the band. The added silicone will hold your hair in place without any discomfort or headache. Claims are that even the durability is worth appreciation. All over it’s a nice pick for games like tennis and football. Available in 9 different colors including pink, white, and lavender it will also suit your training attire.

4. ASICS Women’s Illusion Headband

Another great choice by ASICS is the Women’s Illusion Headband. If you are preparing for a serious tennis game, this ASICS Women’s Illusion Headband is a nice pick. The silicone rubber grip will prevent the headband from slipping off and 85% Nylon/15% Spandex material will keep the perspiration at bay.

Top rated for Softball

Get prepared for fast pitched seasons of softball with the best headbands on our list. Softball demands a lot of attention and focus, and one of the distracting factors in any game is continuous sweat. A headband or sweat-absorbing hat is what you will need to curb the problem.

1. Kenz Laurenz Softball Headbands

The Kenz Laurenz Softball Headband is a popular choice among softball players. With an original leather softball seam stitch design, it makes a good style statement on the field.  Comfortable to wear, it will keep the sweat away from your hair and eyes. The headband comes in a variety of colors to suit your attire. From kids to adults, its one size fits all technology is suitable for all.

2. Nike Dri-fit Head Tie 2.0

No matter how intense is the games, one can always rely on Nike Sports accessories. While playing softball, our recommendation is Nike Dri-fit Head Tie 2.0. Athletes have called it one of the best accessories to hold their hair in place. The Dri-fit fabric will wick away every inch of the sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable all the time. Its customizable tie will offer you an adjustable fit, without hurting at all. You can avail this headband in 15different colors, so there are a lot of options to mix and match it.

3. Suddora headband and wristband set

Made up of 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon, Suddora headbands are one of the comfiest and durables headbands in the market. Ideal for games like softball and basketball, this band will wick sweat like none other. It’s also a comfortable piece that stays put without any sign of discomfort or headache.

Top rated for the Gym

I have proven exercise to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. So if you are planning to hit the gym again, we are here to prepare you with the right accessory. One of the most important addition in any gym bag is headbands. Along with managing the hair, these tiny gears are also responsible for keeping the sweat away.

1. Tough Headwear Ultimate

The perfect amalgam of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the Tough Headwear Ultimate is your perfect companion for workouts. With a decent width, it absorbs most of the sweat of your face, keeping you from any sort of distraction. Even its stretchability and softness is worth appreciation. Wear it for hours without any sign of discomfort or headaches. We also liked its quick-drying material, which prevents any sort of sogginess.

2. Nike Dri-fit Headbands

For those who want to keep it simple, classy, yet effective, Nike Dri-fit headbands are a perfect choice. Designed to perform effortlessly on the ground, these headbands are suitable for all sorts of intensive activities. Made with ultra-lightweight fabric, this headband absorbs sweat like none other in the market. Even drying this headband is a lot easier, so you can wash it after every use and it will dry in a jiffy. Wear it for hours without having to worry about any sort of discomfort or headache. 

3. Halo Protex Headbands

Bored of the regular headbands, go for the Halo Protex headbands. It’s an ultra-sweat absorber, so it makes the best choice for those who sweat a lot. The headband will stay put in a place, wiping the moisture of the face. Patented Sweat Seal channels and breathable fabrics make it ideal for working out or even running. Pair it the way you want with an array of color choices.

4. Temple Tape Headbands

Control the sweaty mess of workouts with the super-light fabric of Temple Tape headbands. The claim here is that the sweatband will absorb sweat ten times faster than any regular headband. It’s even true as the drying capacity of this headband is much more efficient. With a light-weight and softer fabric, it dries off quickly, making it easier on the field. If you want to stay fresh for the entire day, this is your pick. The All Grip No Slip technology here makes sure that the headband stays put without hurting your head.

Bottom Line

Pick one of these depending on the size of your head and your wardrobe choices. It will not just help you focus more, but also improves the hygiene factor.

Best Headbands by Type

Tie Headbands

If one fit headband is not your thing, a great alternative can be tie headbands. You can customize it according to their head size and stay comfortable for hours. No matter what your head size is these Tie Headbands will always fit you.

1. Halo Headbands Sweatband Tie

Whether you are a cyclist, jogger, or someone who is into games too much, a tie headband is what you need. One of the first choices, we have here is the Halo Tie Headbands. Its Patented SweatBlock Seal Channel does the sweat-wicking job pretty nicely. Along with keeping the sweat away from your face and glasses, it also manages the hair quite efficiently. Then there is the Dryline Fabric that keeps the fabric dry, preventing it from sogginess. Even after multiples washes these bands will neither stretch nor lose the form. Perfect for both men and women, it ties pretty easily and stays put for hours.

2. Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie 2.0

With 95% nylon in it, Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie is an all-purpose headband for you. Embedded with excellent elasticity and water resistance capacity, this headband proves to be efficient for all sorts of sports and workout routines. Wear it on the hottest day of the season and it still manages to push the moisture towards the surface of the fabric. There are multiple color choices also, so you can have one to match each of your outfits. All over, it’s a must-have piece for any sports wardrobe.

3. The Sweatshop Tie Headbands

Manufactured with the dot knit polyester fabric, it’s a sleek and sultry choice of tie headbands. Keep the sweat and hairs out of your face with its dot knit polyester fabric. The tie-back design with a mildly stretchy material is a viable solution for those who want a customized fit for their headband. You can buy this product in five different colors and will find each to be equally elegant. While it’s not a piece for those who sweat a lot, still its smooth finish and elegance make it worth an investment. Wash it as many times as you want and it will stay to its true form without fading away.

4. Suddora Tie Headband

Suddora tie headband is manufactured with performance blend material, which offers maximum breathability to the users. The Tie Headband will keep you cool even during the most intense activities. Available in multiple colors, this Suddora Tie Headband will go with most of your attires. As it comfortably ties back at the head, you will find it suitable for a variety of sports like basketball and tennis.

Sweat Headbands

Sweat has always been a distraction and annoyance on the field and ultra-sweaters can relate to this problem. Thankfully, some sweatbands can solve this problem. Get one of the following sweatbands and it will manage your hairs and sweat efficiently.

1. Buff Coolnet UV+ Mfl Headband

Buff has a headband to suit all sorts of requirements and one of its best sweatbands is the Buff Coolnet UV+ Mfl Headband. The sweatband comes with vibrant patterns and can be worn in multiple ways. It is half the length of the coolness UV+ multifunctional headwear, so you are going to enjoy all its benefits without the heaviness on the head. The headband is 95% recycled and engineered with reprieve performance microfiber. Its cooling technology and polygene odor control will help you manage excessive sweating and bad odor. As the name suggests, you are going to get UV protection when the sun his high on your head.

2. Suddora Terry Cloth Headband

Another athletic pick on the list is Suudora Terry Cloth Headband. Designed for both men and women, this headband will keep the sweat away from your hairs as well as eyes. The headband is made with a unique blend of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8 % nylon, each weighing less than an ounce and measures 7 inches by 2 inches. This composition offers better absorbency and elasticity than any other sweatband on the list. Plus, its non-slip and super soft touch will keep you comfortable even after hours of wearing. 

3. Self Pro Mens Headband

Another extremely absorbent choice of the sweatband is the Self Pro Men’s headband. For such a thin and lightweight piece of fabric, this headband is highly absorbent. Made up of stretch material to maximize comfort and performance, this headband will feel comfortable on the head regardless of the hours you have worn it. Self Pro Men’s headband is available in a shade of black, so it will work with most of your outfits.

4. Bondi Band Moisture Wicking Headband

Bondi Band Moisture-wicking headband is for those who are continuously facing sweat distraction on the game field. The moisture-wicking design of this headband is superefficient, so you can expect every ounce of sweat being wicked away from the face and eyes. It’s a one size fit all sweatband that fits most of the head sizes. Plus, its stretchy fabric will give that extra bit of comfort that most of the headbands are unable to provide.

Ear Warmer Headbands

Normal headbands may not e sufficient when it’s snowing everywhere. You need something fluffy and warmer to cover your head and the ears. Ear Warmer headbands are exactly what matches the description of such coziness.

1. Columbia Sportswear Thermarator Headring

For rowers, bikers, hikers, and skiers who venture out in cold weather, an ear warmer headband is what you need. At first look, you will wonder how such thin headband can be so warm. The trick here is the reflective lining on the inside, which does a fantastic job of holding the heat inside. Plus, its 100% Polyester Thermarator Fleece makes it comfortable and warm on the head and the ears. The fabric here is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweat dripping here and there.

2. Buff and Polar Buff

The Polar Buff Style is manufactured with half microfiber and half Polar Tec fleece, which makes it one of the most versatile headbands in the market. You can wear it as a headband, a cap covering the ear, as well as a balaclava. Thanks to the fleece material, this ear warmer headband offers thermal protection in the coldest weather. The headband also comes with an excellent ability to wick the sweat and dry quickly. Even though it keeps you covered most of the time, you won’t feel suffocated at all.

3. Tough Headwear Fleece Ear Warmers

Those who are not particularly looking for an earmuff, the Tough Headwear Fleece Ear Warmers are a nice alternative. It’s a super soft, fleece headband which is ultra-comfortable on the head. Unlike beanies, these earmuffs will provide unsurpassed heat retention. Even during the coldest weather, it will keep you well covered and warm. Whether you are hiking, skiing, jogging, or into outdoor winter sports, the elastic material will stay put in its place.

Best Headbands by Style

There are more to headbands than mere efficiency and sweat wicking properties. Headbands can also be a great prop for parties and these top picks are a clear proof too that:


Ninja Headbands or Tie Headbands are the most suitable choice for those who want a more customized fit for themselves. These headbands will fit in perfectly as it can be tied as well as opened. If you are having trouble finding the right fit for yourself, these Ninja headbands will work for you.

1. Suddora Ninja Headbands

Offering superior moisture management, the Suddora Ninja headband advocates this style with grace and efficiency. The fabric comes with maximum breathability, which is perfect for those who are looking towards managing both their hairs and sweat. Made with the perfect blend of Micro Polyester, it gives you an ultimate comfort along with a non-slip fit. The headband works well on the field as well as goes with ninja and Halloween costumes.

2. Cosmos head Tie Sports Headband

The Cosmos head tie Sports Headbands is another pretty choice among Ninja headbands. Made with high-performance fabric, this headband will keep your hair in place along with wicking the sweat. Even the fabric here is comfortable so you won’t feel anything on the head. You can avail these headband in two different colors black and blue, which is go-to wear for any sports.

3. Nike Skinny Dry Head Tie

A stylish, as well as a comfortable pick by Nike, is the Nike Skinny Dry Head Tie. It’s a beautiful piece that goes with most of your wardrobe collection. It will keep your hair in place along with acting as a sweat barrier. This teal green headband is a sleek choice for those who don’t want anything big and heavy around their head. Plus, it can be worn with your Ninja as well as sports outfits. Whether you are playing Tennis, or just jogging, this Skinny Dry headband is the best aid.


Naruto Headband or a head protector is famous among Naruto fans. For those who are not much into this Manga Series let us tell you that these headbands symbolizes pride for one’s village. There are different signs on different bands, inspiring young fans to be their best in every aspect of life. For a detailed look scroll down:

Great Eastern Naruto Headband

The headband protector is manufactured with polyester and metal, which makes it cool and comfortable. There are Naruto headbands with different signs on metal, each depicting the sign of a different village. As far as the fit is concerned, do not worry about the metal. Its cloth flap secured Velcro will protect the head from the coldness and discomfort of the metal. If you want to add some extra padding to it, there is space beneath the flap. The metal can also be bent according to your head size.  

Not just for wearing purpose, you can also buy it as gifts and collectible. So, show your inner ninja with this amazing ninja headband.


The most magnificent of all mythical creatures, unicorns represent magic and miracles. Its popularity has never faded among little girls and teenagers. If your daughter loves Unicorn headbands, here are some best picks:

Unicorn Pink

If your little girl believes in magic, dreams, and stars, get her this Darcy Unicorn Pink headbands. It’s more like a head turban with a lot of little crafts on it. The base here is baby pink with shapes like stars, unicorn, and rainbows on it. The embroidery is done with beads on it, but most of it is on the upper level, so it won’t hurt the head. Do not worry about the elasticity or tightness, as it’s made with keeping the comfort of your little one in mind.

Alone Lovely Unicorn headband.

A more adult version of unicorn headband here is the Alone Lovely Unicorn headband. The material here is 100% polyester which is meant to wick away the sweat quite efficiently. Its breathable and sweat-wicking fabric will dry out fast, so you don’t have to go through any sort of sogginess. During the winters it will keep you warm and cozy and during the summers it will keep you cool with its breathability. Made with just the perfect elasticity, the headband stays put on your headband without slipping off.

Forever 21 Unicorn Headband

Forever 21 is a high-polished headband embedded with a glittery rainbow unicorn horn. It’s a thin and comfortable string attached to a unicorn horn and two ears. The design comes with metallic and sequin accents. The material here is 95% rayon and 5% spandex, which can be hand washed. You can wear it for hours without hurting your head. Plus, it’s just the thing for the party-goers.


If you are a wanderer by spirit, these boho headbands are your best companions.

Natural Life Boho Headbands

Add a pop of color to your everyday wardrobe with this Natural Life Bandeau headbands. The headband can be worn in 11 different ways, including a headband, bracelet, hair tie and much more. Available in 9 different prints, it’s a fun alternative to your regular headbands. Made with 100% polyester, the headband is highly breathable and elastic. Wear it for hours without any sign of tightness or discomfort. 

Elacucos Boho Headbands

The headbands by Elacucos are soft and stretchy, making them perfect for running, hiking, and yoga. This one here is a nice rabbit ear knot design that makes it very charming and elegant. You can buy it in four different colors and style multiple ways to get that Boho vibe. The fabric used in it is breathable and elastic, so wear it for hours without the fear of getting it loose.

Toes Home Resistance Headband

Made up of 100% stretchable and sweat-wicking material, this bandana headband will go with all your boho attire perfectly well. You can wear it like a bandana, balaclava, as well as a mask. Suitable for running, biking, fishing, as well as yoga, it keeps your hair in place along with wicking the sweat away. There won’t be any sogginess as it dries quite fast. To maintain the print and elasticity hand wash it and hang for drying.


There is nothing as festive as the right Christmas spirit. If you want to celebrate Christmas in style, add these headbands to your shopping list:

Bondi band Christmas Headband

Want to celebrate Christmas in style, pick these Bondiband headbands. Christmas is the coldest time of year, so it will keep your head and ears covered, making you warm and cozy. The brand uses stretchy and breathable material that makes it suitable for all head sizes. Approximately four inches wide, they can be worn wide or folded to the desired width. These headbands can also be worn under hats, helmets, as well as visors.

Christmas Elf Headband

This special pick here is not exactly for sports and another active purpose. But, if you want to celebrate Christmas in a fun way, these little pieces are cool to have. Each set of the Christmas elf headband comes with 4 different designs that are unique and enchanting. Each of it has different elements like feather, glitter, bells, and golden threads.

Who Has The Highest Quality Custom Headbands?

Suddora Custom Headband

When people think of headbands, it’s usually for sports and rigorous activities. However, you can also buy these headbands as a daily accessory and all types of cause promotion. So, if you are looking for custom headbands to support an event or a particular purpose, browse through the range of Suddora headbands.

Whether you want a headband for launch parties or just using them during festivals and giveaways, the Suddora will give you a myriad of choices and will even allow you to customize it. There are great inexpensive bands where you can put your brand’s logo or message. Customers can select from a wide variety of shapes, size and fabric material.

The Worst Headbands – Avoid These Brands!

Junk Headband

One of the headbands that we dislike is junk headband. Not that it lacks variety and flexibility of styling, it’s the quality that disappoints us. We won’t recommend it to ultra-sweaters and to those who seek ultimate comfort.

All Your Questions Answered

How to keep headbands from slipping off?

Usually, the headband comes with a perfect grip, allowing it to stay at place for hours. Most of the best ones have silicone grip, which gives a perfect fit. Still, if yours slip-off try using a clip. Put on the headband, then secure it with a head clip. Use a small black one as it will be less visible.

Can we wear the headband below the helmets?

To get a headband that fits inside the hat and helmet, you got to buy a thin one. Most of the brands mention whether their band is wearable under the hat or not. Try reading the description before you buy one. You can opt for UA headbands; it’s one of the good ones to be worn under helmets.

What is the purpose of headbands?

Headbands serves whole lot of purposes than you could have known. First of all, they are good for hair management; plus they can keep the sweat distraction at bay. Some of the advanced ones like Nike headbands are known for temperature control.

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