Cool Headbands for Halloween: Styles like Karate Kid and Headband for Dodgeball Costume

You can’t have some of the best Halloween costumes without the perfect headpiece! From the karate kid headband to dodgeball sweatband, we’ve got you covered. Headbands are cool accessories that will help your costume stand out from the pack.

Top 3 Costume Recommendations with Halloween Headbands

Karate Kid Headband

Wax on, Wax off. These lotus flower tie headbands are the perfect accessory for your Daniel-san outfit. You will be the star of the party. Reviews are in – this is the best Halloween costume headband. No one will be able to resist you in the Karate Kid headband!

By the way – kids love this headband!

Dodgeball Average Joes

This list of Halloween headbands would be nothing without dodgeball’s red sweatbands. Pair it with accessories like red wristbands + a yellow tee and one-up everyone at your Halloween costume party. Great for both men and women – form a dodgeball team!

Blue Steel From Zoolander

The blue steel headband from the movie Zoolander is made of stretchy material and will stay securely on your head. Perfect for a character that needs to look good while they are playing sports or fighting crime.

Why Wear Halloween Character Headbands

They’re easy – they make you look good. If your Halloween costume is a character and you want to be the best, wear one of these headbands! You’ll have all eyes on you for sure.

They’re fun – Experience the joy that comes from wearing a headband that matches your costume. It’s wearable – You’ll look good all night and not have to worry about messing up a hairdo or putting on lipstick.

They’re inexpensive – Halloween is an expensive holiday, so why spend more than needed?

You can find tons of options on Amazon or on the Halloween headbands section of the Suddora store.


Elastic Headbands: One Size Fits Most

Elastic headbands are an excellent product to invest in because they are one size fits most. Stretchy headbands come in a variety of different colors and brands, but the best type is Suddora. Elastic headbands are often marketed as nonslip, which makes them such an incredible product for all athletes, especially people who run or do yoga! Elastic bandanas can be found across the web with thousands of reviews that say how great they work and how happy customers were with their purchases. I hope you find this article helpful and would love to hear your feedback!

Elastic Headbands are the perfect accessory for most hair types

One of the greatest things about buying an elastic headband is that when they work correctly, they are a huge help to keeping your hair back. The best brands, like Suddora, come in a ton of styles to choose from. When it comes to wearing one though, you will want to take into consideration your hair type. Although these are marketed as one size fits most, but certain styles work better with different hair types.

If you have thick or curly hair- Elastic Headband brands like Suddora make a great option for you! If your goal is to keep your curls in place all day long without worrying about feeling too tight around the forehead

Made of a stretchy, durable fabric that will not damage your hair or scalp

When the top brands are creating headbands, they focus not just on making stylish designs but also on how you will wear them. The word elastic is just another way of telling you that the headbands will stretch.

We know that you can wear headbands in a number of ways. There are no rules when it comes to this! You will want to pay close attention to the length and width of the headbands you end up buying. A very important question to ask is: How much of your head do you want it to cover? In order to find the perfect fit, you may need to try a few different brands.

Elastic Headbands are affordable and come in a variety of colors 

If you love patterns and colors then stretchy headbands are for you. They’re an inexpensive way to add color or style without having to do much more than tying it on! Heck, with all the colors available you can also match them with your shoes or pair them with other accessories.

Keep your hair out of your face while working out, running errands, or just hanging around the house.

Long hair is beautiful – but GIRL does it get in your face. Elastic headbands are a cheap solution to this problem. Elastic headbands, which stretch around your hair and hold it back in place with an elastic band at the nape of your neck or on top of your head – can be found online for as low as $0.99! At that price, who can turn them down.


The bottom line is, elastic headbands are a must for any woman who sweats and needs her hair out of her face or wants to give it some extra hold. And they’re affordable! Plus, the variety that companies like Suddora offer mean you can find one that suits your style—from simple black to bright-colored patterns. No matter what kind of headband you wear (or want!), you can find it. Happy shopping!


Junk Headbands Review: Why They Aren’t Great for Your Gym Workouts

Junk Headbands are a brand that you see everywhere. They’re on sale at many retailers, and they seem like the go-to choice for headwear when working out. Junk is made of a synthetic material, which is not ideal because it doesn’t hold up well to sweat or high levels of activity. They also have an elastic band in the back that can cause headaches and chaffing if not worn properly. However, Junk Headbands aren’t all bad – they do come in fun colors to wear and match with your outfit.

For those who want quality headwear for their workout routines, we recommend Suddora headbands instead!

Are Junk headbands good?

I’m not a Junk Headbands fan. They’re made of synthetic material, which is not ideal for my gym workouts because it doesn’t hold up well with sweat or high levels of activity.

That being said, if you are big into designs or are in a fraternity or sorority then Junk Headbands might be the perfect match for you. After all, they are kind of cool. Especially if you are wearing the headbands for style instead of function.

Why They Aren’t Great for Your Gym Workouts

The best headbands for workouts are cotton. The problem is many people don’t really like how cotton headbands look. Junk’s synthetic material (the same one used in their big bang lite) is a problem because the sweat and other moisture will soak into this fabric and cause it to deteriorate rapidly.

Junk Headbands also don’t hold up well under high levels of activity – they can start rubbing your skin raw or give you headaches when worn too tight.

The Pros and Cons of the Product


  • Fabric is soft to touch.
  • Headband stays in place when worn correctly, it doesn’t slip down your neck or slide back off the top of your head – which might be an issue with cotton bands.
  • Many styles to choose from


  • They break down easily under high levels of activity and does not pull sweat away from your skin
  • Shipping nightmare. It takes forever for the product to deliver since everything is made to order (they do not keep headbands in stock). You may not get your product in 2-3 weeks sometimes after your purchase.
  • Not good for short hair
  • One Size fits most but not all. The headbands are not adjustable.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Them 

Before buying a Junk headband, you should consider that there are much better headbands on the market like Suddora, Nike, Adidas, and others.

Are you wearing for fashion or function? Either way, Junk loses the battle because their headbands are not comfortable – so it’s lose-lose.

Junk Headbands are also not as sweat-resistant which is a big deal. Junk headbands might be less expensive, but you’re paying more in the long run because they break down quickly and don’t last very long!

If you want to buy Junk, then go for it. But if you care about quality and function – Junk falls in last place in the headband market. The proof is in the details and the fact is they do not hold up.

Most Common Questions about Junk

Where is junk headbands based out of?

Junk brands is based out of Bentonville, AR, United States.

Are Junk headbands made in the USA?

Yes, Junk headbands are made in the United States in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Are They Machine Washable?

Yes, you can machine wash junk headbands. Although we have not washed them past a few washes and some others complain that their headband did not hold up well long term.

What Features of Junk Make them so special?

Junk really only has one feature that sets them apart and that is the fact that they have tons of cool styles! They are offically licensed by many and that is really cool.

If you found this review helpful, let us know! We love hearing feedback on our reviews.

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